Saturday, 8 October 2011

Slip Slidin' Away: A/W 2011

I feel it. You feel it. We all feel it. 

Summer has well and truly left us and been replaced with sporadic downpours of violent rain,  tiresome gale force winds and just enough sunshine to leave our minds and bodies absolutely baffled.  My bare legged confidence has shied away behind the opaque screen of black and, today, my trusty leather biker jacket remained on the back of my door in favour of the navy mid-length military coat who’s 2011 debut was particularly well received in Karen Millen earlier. Whilst its a shame we are to be face with many a wardrobe dilemma in the coming months whilst our vanity takes a beating from the elements, I have to admit I’m rather enjoying the change of clothing scenery. Essentially, Autumn/Winter is interesting and people secretly rather enjoy purchasing their cold weather armour, layering item upon item and having an excuse to stuff their weathered feet into stylishly robust boots. I am, of course, no exception.  I’ve had my eye out for some time now, picking up pieces here and there that seemed just a little too much. After all, the English are known for embracing the summer the second it simply stops raining, racing to get their arms and legs out for any ray of light that can offer even the suggestion of a sunkissed glow.  Despite this, the A/W season allows free reign for a different kind of aesthetic experimentation alongside the obvious comfort of the tried and test chunky knit. So, on this frankly dismal and overcast day, I thought I’d reveal a few personal A/W pleasures of mine to be enjoyed with a touch of sun and a chilly air. For my first casual instalment, I present unto you...

 ChinaWhites Dress: £50.00 Love Lucy X

After sampling a little taste of this from Ashish’s S/S12 collection, I’ll be getting ready in advance and adorning myself with as many sequins as I can manage. It’s no secret that I am like a magpie for these shiny delights and Winter has always struck me as the perfect time to crack them out. A little strong for the summer months, the feel of a heavy sequined throw or evening dress is exactly what I want when the cold sets in. Classically elegant in black, this dress is at the top of my wish list. Sometimes not having a set of DDs is a godsend, a smaller chest making this dress beautifully sophisticated despite the low cut. Hilariously, I spotted it on the site of a chavvy reality television programme and it also possesses the name China Whites. We’ll just keep quiet about that. 

REVIVE Sequin Wrap Dress: £150.00 ASOS
Stunning isn’t it? If i ignored my currently state of poverty (that isn’t going to get better anytime soon after accepting  an internship with Fashion156) I would be in this at every available occasion.  I don’t care if people find sequins a tad Dynasty, I, like Ashish, am obsessed. With the relaunch of Who’s Jack Magazine just weeks away, you can guarantee there’ll be a hint of sparkle at least somewhere on my person.