Thursday, 17 November 2011

Into The Woods

After a frankly exhausting month of being M.I.A. and neglecting this humble blog in a terrible way, I have returned with much to tell. For a while now I have been getting up at 6am and returning home at 8pm as part of a lengthy process of putting together the latest issue for Fashion156 – The Headwear Issue. 

I have had the pleasure of contributing to near enough every section of this magazine so it’s like my baby! From picture research to locating street styles to writing the blurbs, a feature and even uploading each component before it goes live – it was a whirlwind and hilariously stressful. But there are worse things to do then write about hats and go on shoots with attractive young men who are more than willing to model the last-minute handmade headpieces you’ve just created. What am i on about? Just another ad hoc task for a creative intern. With the help of one of my best friends, Catherine, who swooped in last minute as my assistant (an assistant with her own assistant? Oh yes) the shoot ran smoothly. The majority of headbands below were actually made by her fair hand and modelled on my not so fair head.

The theme: Headwear. Beyond that, it was a play it by ear day which soon turned into a midsummer night’s dream affair with lilac smoke and floral garlands in a perfectly autumnal setting, dressing with pieces from Liberty to Acne.  All accompanied by a team of not very Shakespearean scousers, lead by photographer Mark Shearwood, who created some gorgeous shots. The end results? Look no further:

P.S. The model with the thicker eyebrows is Sasha, photographer David Bailey's son!

Beyond this, my days consisted of insane amounts of blogging, research and anaylsis to help put together the new issue which can be found in all its glory at

In other news, I’ve barely had time to breathe. Contributing blogs here and there (yet not here here, I must apologize) and writing a lengthy ol’ article for Who’s Jack December issue, my fingers are worn out. However, you don’t care about that! So never fear, with much in the pipeline, I’ll be getting my camera out of its dusty case and going in search of adventure.

Until then.
C. x

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