Friday, 13 April 2012

A Friday Précis: 3 Things To Know

Despite being Wednesday’s child myself and supposedly full of woe, I have decided to embrace Friday in order to post a cocktail of the week’s events. Inspired by the lovely Who’s Jack and their daily round up, I will be picking ‘3 things to know’ from the week gone by in a bid to encourage myself to touch base and because I like lists. A lot. 

It’s a thought in progress so who knows what I’m going to dub newsworthy but to start with here are three things to know this week.

1. Kate Bosworth covers Company Magazine May 2012

Photos David Mushegain 

A 'New Look' Company magazine featuring an old look Kate Bosworth. Perhaps this was destined to grace the cover of another publication seeing as this hair first debuted in August last year. Either way, my loving feelings on the dip dye had subsided greatly until the colour splash got in involved. Ombre hair was everywhere, the cautious highstreet approach to the starker contrast dip, that frankly left me dying (get it?) for something new. Step in the Fanning sisters with their pink ends and Kate with her blue (and my friend Zoe with green – trust me, it works.) However, I can see the dip dye being replaced come AW12 with a simple coloured streak as seen on models at Dans laVie.

Hair aside, why didn’t Company opt for the yellow suit shot? It’s bloody lovely. And with grunge making a very strong comeback, this is a great way to introduce it with just the right twist of Spring.

On a side note, size whatevs? No. Just no.

2. The Eleven Objects Pineapple Collar

This offering from Eleven Objects is bizarre and exactly the sort of thing I want in my life. Specialising in collars (if you hadn’t already guessed), Eleven Objects is ticking the boxes for the impending Hawaiian boom whereby young girls will be ripping the shirts off the overweight funny man’s back. Well, it might at least look that way to some but I’m all for the Stella McCartney prints and the ASOS x It’s Nice That shirts. Loud and garish, just as it should be.

3. A Velvet Memorial
And thirdly, and completely unrelated, this is one of the most touching things I have ever  had the pleasure of viewing. I spend a lot of time in London where people are extremely distant and detached and something like this just wouldn't happen anywhere other than the countryside. I’m still not entirely sure who Philip is but I understand he’s a local man and I never did meet Velvet, but I honestly shed a tear and the fact he wanted those who did know her to say a fond farewell.  This came through my letterbox this morning.

Rest in peace, the only dog I've ever heard of eating squirrels.


C. x

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