Sunday, 19 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Francesca Marotta AW12

Celebrating her second season at London Fashion WeekFrancesca Marotta presented her AW12 collection to a packed out crowd at the stunning Goldsmith’s Hall.
“Amore della mia Vita” (or love of my life to you and me) saw a drastic change to SS12 with colours remaining firmly on the dark side. Using an array of wool, lace, silk and leather as her tools, Marotta focuses on love, loss and mourning. Bold flashes of passionate red interrupt the solemn display as the photographer’s go wild for a lace train ensemble whilst the beautiful and startling finale saw the model practically swapped by the flashes. Dressed in an elaborate thorny crown with smoky red eyes and a gruesome trail of blood running from her lips, the model made her way down the catwalk in a slow and entrancing dance, perhaps a stylistic interpretation of the saviour the women are remembering.
Backcombed hairpieces sat upon perfectly sleek styles, perfectly complimenting the contrasts of the collection. Feminine cinched waists were apparent amongst heavy dark fabrics whilst stark flashes of neon yellow and blue plastics lifted the collection and brought a glimmer of hope to its aesthetic gravity.

More to follow...
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