Friday, 17 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Ada Zanditon AW12

When one thinks of a fashion show, it’s not often you envision a surreal gothic fantasy that at once explores the relationship between mankind and primates whilst simultaneously unearthing the negativity associated with Western mineral mining. Queue Ada Zanditon, ethical extraordinaire and provider of a bloody good LFW film.

After catching Ada’s presentation last year I was keen to snap up a ticket to the AW12 Simia Mineralis showing. First confronted with metallic clad aliens in September, this time I’m stood next to a medieval looking maiden. Casual.

Spooky, loud and downright creepy, the presentation was both imaginative and captivating, showcasing the latest collection in a way that is truly unique. Back once more are Ada’s signature strong silhouettes, emphasised by dramatic halloween lighting and corridor shots. Dramatic floor length red eveningwear is the outfit du jour in this fantastical nightmare, introducing a perfectly tailored purple shawl to warm the heroine in her hour of needs. Fluid lines and opposing fabrics adorn a striking model that could be taken straight from a J D Waterhouse (a personal favourite if you couldn’t tell) painting.

It could be easy to forget the clothing amongst the flashes of a Green Man and haunting cries but as the camera pans towards a London street, we’re reminded of the wearability of the collection as it translates from fantasy to reality in an instant. Well, its all wearable in my reality anyway. With a medieval dinner party to attend tonight, I really could have done with some inspiration sooner. Next time, Ada, next time.

Until the next....

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