Sunday, 16 September 2012

London Fashion Week: Jasper Garvida SS13

After one of those journeys that seems to be to the centre of the Earth (no thanks to my seriously battered feet) but in reality is exceptionally simple, I eventually found my way to the Bloomsbury Hotel for Jasper Garvida’s latest showcase. Who's Jack have been fans of Garvida for some time now and we were rewarded with a VIP ticket for a really great close up look at L’Unite de Temps et L’Espace, his SS13 collection.

 Oh yes, I was on the FROW - goodie bag and ego boost galore.

As  the sweet sounds of Dusty Springfield  ring out, we are given a hint into the inspirations behind the collection – the 1960’s of course. However, before we had time to contemplate, a bizarre noise hit our ears as the first model took the walk. As she paraded by in a gorgeous all black shift dress in a mini length, it became apparent that the noise was the brushing together of oversized shimmering discs layered upon her skirt. From the length to the very basics of the first look, you could tell that the collection would take shape around the styling of iconic figures such as Mary Quant and draw inspiration from the times as a whole.

 An almost abstract leopard print is accessorized with flip up sunglasses in a circle design and a simple plastic cuff, moving onto geometric designs in black, white, silver and beige. The combination of geometry and structure, right down the very hairstyles inspired by Vidal Sassoon, reflect the modernist architectural design of the time, brought to us in a very 21st century way. Perspex geometric chokers immediately grab my attention, swamping the models delicate frame with a bold structure to create a simple yet effective contrast.  Colour blocked striped dresses are ready to wear, perfect for casual city chic whilst optical monochrome sequin dresses and shimmering cream lace and disc shifts are perfect for after dark.

The collection very titles draws upon the unity of time and space, the contrast of light and dark, which is something that cannot be dismissed. Strong shapes fit upon soft and feminine silhouettes, simple two tone patterns compliment structured tailoring to create a perfectly balanced collection. As I sat there with my beehive and turtle neck (oh yes, I went there), I was immediately drawn to the wearability of the works and ridiculously excited by the prospect of potentially being able to wear a dress that can be heard before it is seen.  It’s the simple things.

 C. x