Sunday, 16 September 2012

London Fashion Week: Zoe Jordan SS13

With a front row boasting the likes of Poppy Delvigne, Jamela Jamil and, more surprisingly, BBC Sport’s Jake Humphreys, seating allocations were thrown to the wind as demand exceeded supply for one of the hottest shows this side of London. As well literally referring to the beads of sweat dripping off the furrowed brows of spectators,  Zoe Jordan’s  SS13 collection too oozed laidback sex appeal as sports chic took a turn for the sexy.

Easy, breezy sports  separates lead the way for  a youthful collection in pastel tones with smatterings of leather and boucle. A classic Spring palette of pastel pinks and crisp whites were diluted by the last remnants of the Christmas party with metallic silvers and gold giving a tough edge to feminine tones.  Metallic blue and green skirts were complimented by classic and fresh white cropped vests and open front waistcoats for a sophisticated yet feminine feel. Two piece short suits were brought to life with vivid pops of shimmering green, a hue that ran steady throughout the collection translating onto to-die-for shift dresses.

As the music pumped, shaking the few benches provides, lady-like casuals gave way to college athletics as metallic baseball caps and jackets refused to play ball for optimum contrast. Vibrant orange and scarlet red bikini clad girls interspersed an array of boyish jackets  and slim cut trousers for a real sense of sports luxe.
From a beauty perspective, neutral make up adorned each model with carefree hair, sporting a freshly washed vibe, still dripping wet to provide a nonchalant give-a-f*ck attitude to each get up.

Although it’s not a stark departure from her recent works, this is a perfectly commercial range to appeal to almost everyone. And if running out the door with your hair still wet is the way forward then I suppose we all have something to look forward to come Spring!