Tuesday, 20 September 2011

London Fashion Week 2011: Felicities Presents...

Whilst established brands such as Burberry Prorsum and Christopher Kane were extravagantly  divulging their predicitions for next year, we at Who’s Jack made our way to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout quarter to gander at the next generation of Baileys and Kanes, courtesty of Felicities Presents.

Felicities provides emerging fashion brands with the whole shebang including PR, brand management and the crucial support and mentoring necessary to lead young talents on the path to professional success. With clients including this year’s Fashion Week break through designer Ada Zandition (everybody has been talking, trust me.), we were eager to see who Felicities had declared the faces, or more importantly, the brands,  of the future. Presenting and proudly explaining their collections to the viewers were the  budding fashion geniuses Beautiful Soul, CC Kuo, Funlayo Deri, Phannatia and Tramp in Disguise who all had their own unique creative flair as was apparent in their dynamic and extremely varied collections.
Starting with Beautiful Soul, their signature look is a blend of timeless evolving style with true global consideration to juxtapose the quintessentially English with an international appeal. The brand offers both a ready-to-wear collection, ‘Beautiful Soul London’ alongside a bespoke ‘Kimono Collection’


Next, it was time to peruse the wears of CC Kuo  who lifted the looks straight off the mannequin and wore her own design, a sleeveless maxi shirt dress horizontally striped with blocks of black and sand with an intricate coffee brown print. A Central Saint Martin’s graduate, her acclaimed graduate collection resulted in a feature in POP magazine. Previously known for her bold use of colour, her SS12 collection takes a more relaxed approach to keep the pieces luxurious and sophisticated whilst retaining a striking and somewhat quirky edge.

After a few more sample of the lemon drizzlecake and chocolate brownies, we’re onto Funlayo Deri who describes her brand as a “celebration of the female form” to emphasize curves using the most lavish fabrics and fine detailing. The SS12 collection has a definite Coast vibe, suitable for an event that requires a guest’s elegance and formality without being overly serious. Classic strapless shapes are given an element of the unexpected through high cut sheer detailed panels whilst plain cocktail dresses are given  box effect volume around the hips and teamed with a monchrome, delicately crafted cropped evening jacket.

A quick white tea (non-alcoholic, baffling.) later and onto Phannatiq. Previously having made an appearance with her first collection at AW11 Fashion Week, Anna Skodbo is back with  a collection inspired by “forgotten London, urban industrial decay and street art”. The collection features a series of figure huggings shapes with contrasting and sassy anti fit. For Phannatiq, the real design is in the detail as delicate printed silks are adorned with press studs, leather piping and rivets to add an urban edge to feminine wear. 
And finally, Tramp in Disguise which is a name that really doesn’t fit the collection on show. According to Felicities, the label offers “dazzling collections that are fun, youthful, modern and edgy”, yet, at first glance, the clothing on show seems distinctly grown up with its head scarfs and high necks. Again though, the proof is in the details. The youthful edge is in the sheer chiffon maxi skirts and near scallop edging, and when looking at the other clothing in the next room their brand aesthetic becomes all the more clear with striking digital prints and knits.

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